Brazilian Fields, Centennial Park

Don Burke

"The Australian Garden Show Sydney can fundamentally change your life!"

Andrew Fisher Tomlin

'exploring great new garden and plant ideas'

'the Australian Garden Show Sydney has something for everyone!'

Myles Baldwin

Indira Naidoo

'a future that is more sustainable and more nourishing'

See our fantastic range of Exhibitors at the 2014 show

A huge range of lifestyle, nursery and garden wares will be on display

WELCOME – 2015 Dates Coming Soon!

A stylish event celebrating Australia’s love of gardens and outdoor spaces, held over four days in Centennial Park, Sydney.
The Show will explore new ideas in gardening techniques and design, showcasing spectacular displays and a wide variety of lifestyle products.
Open daily 10am – 5pm.

Gardening  Design  Wellbeing

• Gardening
The timing of AGSS enables the AGSS to be a leader in launching new plant species which promotes consumer learning and engagement with plant breeders internationally. The AGSS will be a centre for exploring new ideas in gardening techniques aimed at a wide range of gardeners from the amateur to the professional.

• Design
A key feature of the Australian Garden Show Sydney is that it looks to present the future of horticulture and outdoor environment design.
Designers and landscapers from across Sydney, Australia and the world will create display gardens that extend the boundaries of the imagination. Other exhibitors such as florists and artists will create inspirational displays and retailers will see the AGSS as the place to launch new ideas and products in gardening and horticulture. AGSS will proactively seek out new design products and fresh ideas to showcase annually.

• Wellbeing
The wellbeing information presented at the AGSS will be of benefit to attendees as they will be presented with ideas that will encourage them to live a healthier, more informed and productive life; the AGSS will link garden design to wellbeing and will be the platform for presenting cutting edge wellbeing talks by leading professionals in this field.