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Angus Stewart’s garden odyssey culminating at the Australian Garden Show Sydney

The anticipation and excitement of seeing what our wonderful Australian and international garden designers have in store for us at the Australian Garden Show Sydney is starting to build. Imagine the challenge these designers have in coming up with a novel concept that showcases their talents and the various plants and materials they choose. I have nothing but admiration for them.

I have just returned from leading a garden tour in Europe where, among other places, we visited a couple of excellent garden shows. Everyone knows the Chelsea Flower Show with its amazing show gardens that often have budgets of hundreds of thousands of pounds. The media coverage there from the BBC was another extraordinary facet of the event with up to five cameras filming at once to give nightly coverage on prime time TV.

My tour group also visited a lesser known event in France, the Chaumont-sur-Loire Festival International des Jardins. In English the Chaumont International Garden Festival. Each year this festival comes up with a theme which the designers must use to create their gardens which are on show for approximately 6 months. This year’s theme was the 7 Deadly Sins such as greed and envy. There were some brilliantly executed gardens that left everyone in awe of the designers’ skills and talents.

These overseas events have whetted my appetite for what is to come at the Australian Garden Show Sydney. Having spoken to several of our wonderful Australian designers I know there are some nice surprises in store for show visitors as well as lots of ideas and inspiration for simple things that can be done to enhance their home gardens.

See you at the Australian Garden Show in September.


Angus Stewart

Australian Garden Show Sydney Ambassador


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