Exhibitor FAQ 

Q: What is a Shell Scheme Stand
A: A Shell Scheme stand is for indoor exhibitors and provides three solid partition walls and no roof. Flooring is included in the indoor retail area. There is no option to purchase additional space for indoor stands.

Q: What is a Premium Retail Stand
A: A Premium Retail Stand will be located on a corner site offering 2 flows of visitor traffic  

Q: Can anyone be an exhibitor at the AGSS14
A: Yes, preference will always be given to nurseries, plant sellers and garden related products but does not exclude other items for sale. 

Q: Can we take multiple exhibitor stands at AGSS14
A: Yes, please indicate this on the Exhibitor application form in the box request for quotes for larger spaces and we will contact you to discuss options.  

Q: What type of exhibitor am I
A: There are 6 categories of exhibitors. 1. Nursery & Plant RetailMajor nurseries and Specialty Plant Sales selling mainly plants and garden related organic products 2. Garden DesignGarden related products such as pots, outdoor furniture, garden sculptures, etc. 3. General Retail OutdoorAll other products that are not plant or garden design related 4. General Retail IndoorAll other products that are not plant or garden design related 5. Florists (no flower sales) Florists who would like to promote and market their business. 6. Garden Clubs & Societies (not for profit) Small garden clubs & societies that wish to promote their organisations. 

Q: What Zone will my stand be located in
A: You will be allocated an exhibition stand in one of 7 zones depending on what type of exhibitor you are. To see where the zones are located please refer to the site map. Nursery & Plant Retail will be located in Nursery & Flower Zone Nursery & Garden Zone Design & Display ZoneGarden Design will be located in Design & Display Zone Garden ZoneGeneral Retail (outdoor) will be located in Garden Zone Retail, Talks and Demonstrations Zone (outdoor)General Retail (indoor) Retail, Talks & Demonstrations Zone (indoor)Florist will be located in Floral PavilionGarden Club & Societies will be located in Nursery & Flower ZoneNursery & Garden ZoneDesign & Display Zone 

Q: Will storage areas be available for plants and other products
A: There will be an offsite storage facility next to the AGSS14. Vehicle deliveries from this area will only be allowed outside of operating hours. All vehicles must be offsite 30mins prior to the 10am opening. 

Q: What is the process for having water supplied to my stand for plant watering
A: We will be providing facilities that will enable easy access to water during the set up and operating period of the AGSS14 

Q: What is included in the price of a marquee or Shell Scheme Stand
A: Marquee or Shell scheme to the size as requested by exhibitor10amp power connectionA sign displaying the name of Company or Association and Exhibitor No:25 word listing on AGSS14 website Listing in the official AGSS14 Program4 x Exhibitor Passes to the AGSS141 x Parking Pass for Exhibitor Parking Area.Event ManualMarketing Package 

Q: On what date do the Exhibitor Early Bird Specials finish
A: 28 March 2014 

Q: Can I get the NGINA and the Early Bird Discount
A: No, Only one discount can be applied to an Exhibitor Stand (stand price only). 

Q: When do applications for Exhibitor stands close
A: 15 July 2014 Q: What are the operating hours of the AGSS14
A: 10.00am to 5.00pm daily 

Q: What are the set up dates for AGSS14
A: Exhibitors can set up on:
Monday 1 Sept from 7am-6pm
Tuesday 2 Sept from 7am-6pm
Wednesday 3 Sept 7am-midday (vehicles must be offsite by 11am on Wednesday)
Exhibitors who have large displays and need extra time, can apply to start setting up on Thursday 28 August from 7am to 6pm.

Q: I am a florist why can’t I sell flowers at the show

A: We have a sponsor who is our sole supplier of flower sales. The reduced stand price will enable you to display and market your floral services. 

Q: Can I use the area outside my stand to display products
A: Yes, inclusive of you stand cost is an area of 3 x 1m at the front of your stall that you can use for this purpose. If you want more space you may book this at time of application.The rates for additional space are 3x3m $450, 3x6m $810 & 5x5m $1000 

Q: How does the Early Bird Discount work
A: You must pay in full by 28 March to receive the Early Bird 10% discount.