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Indira Naidoo invites you to the Australian Garden Show Sydney

If you had told me 5 years ago that my little experiment growing a few herbs on my inner city balcony in Sydney would lead to a best-selling gardening cookbook ‘The Edible Balcony’ and hosting a tour of the rooftop farms of New York, I would have said ‘You’re dreaming!’

But it has.

That’s the wonder of gardening – you never know where the journey is going to take you.

For me it has been a joyous voyage allowing me to reconnect with nature, live a more sustainable life in the city and eat fresher, better tasting home-grown produce.

And even though I only have a small 20 square metre balcony, I’m still able to grow about 70 kilograms of produce every year. My balcony is filled year-round with the fragrance of fresh herbs, ripening tomatoes, edible flowers and salad greens.

While that sounds impressive, in New York urban farmers are converting city rooftops into vegetable farms – some as large as 2 acres. It’s quite breath-taking to see wasted urban spaces being converted into productive areas to grow food – even in a city like New York where space is at a premium.

I’ll be sharing some of these inspiring stories at this year’s Australian Garden Show Sydney, September 4th to 7th at Centennial Park. And giving you some tips about how to grow your own food no matter how small your space. Looking forward to seeing you all in September.


Indira Naidoo

Australian Garden Show Sydney Ambassador


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