Photography Workshops

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Book in now to enjoy the unique photography workshops being offered at the Australian Garden Show Sydney this September. Workshops include an exclusive ‘pre-show’ experience allowing access to the gardens prior to gates opening to public, join Australian Geographic’s award-winning photographer Esther Beaton to discover perfect exposure and macro photography and learn professional tips and simple techniques to take stunning photos in your own backyard.

Please bring your own camera for all workshops.

Refer to workshop descriptions for full information. Pre-booking recommended and spaces are limited.

Secrets of the Garden: Fine Art Photography

Secrets of the Garden: Fine Art Photography
9.00am – 11.00am Daily
This unique 2 hour ‘fine art’ photography workshop allows exclusive ‘pre-show’ access to the Australian Garden Show Sydney. Join Australian Geographic’s award-winning Esther Beaton, where you will learn the theory of macro lenses, choosing correct aperture, best ISO and other camera settings, photographing in full sun vs shade, perfect exposure, making colours sparkle and how to get crisp sharpness and when to use soft focus.
Esther will also guide you in using your inner eye and developing the skill to see in new ways. Composition with forms, shadows, colours and lines is key to crafting a work that can truly be called art. You will learn to compose with depth of field as well as learn the very important skill of planning and positioning background elements to set off a subject.
After the workshop you can practice throughout the garden show on your own time. As a bonus, Esther will be on hand at the Aperture Club tent to review your work and offer personalised VIP guidance and helpful tips. An extensive notebook will be supplied. You will be able to repeat the class exercises as well as do new ones on your own time.
$225 per person includes entry ticket plus booking fee
What you need to bring:
DSLR camera with charged battery & spare battery.
Lens, about 100 mm focal length (can be zoom or prime) and capable of macro-focusing (usually written on the lens barrel)
Optional gear (bring any you already have if you want to follow along as Esther demonstrates their use):
Close up filter (This is a magnifying lens that screws onto the front element of your ordinary lens – optional)
A tripod, a stiff white card (about A4), a collapsible silver or white reflector (optional)
A diffuser (Lastolite, TriGrip or other brand)
Flash unit (optional)
Notebook, pen, hat, water, comfy clothes.

Secrets of the Garden: Macro Masterclass

Secrets of the Garden: Macro Masterclass
1.00pm – 3.00pm Daily
Join Australian Geographic’s macro photography specialist and prize-winning botanical artist Esther Beaton for this 2 Hour Macro Specialist Photography Workshop.
In this 2-hour macro specialist workshop you will gain insider knowledge on using the essential equipment that gets you close, closer and closest. Learn how to use lighting, from easy techniques directing sunlight to more advanced techniques using flash units and flash modifiers.
Demonstrations will cover: single extension tube, multiple extension tubes, back-focusing, wireless flash units, ring-flash v’s multiple flash units, and combining flash with natural light. Esther will be demonstrating specialist macro accessories, as it is important to know how something works before investing in your own.
Technological gadgetry should never outweigh the purpose of a photo. Esther believes it is important to balance camera techniques with aesthetics. Therefore you will also experiment with artistic techniques, learn about balancing light and shadow, designing with shapes and using colour harmonics to create dramatic artworks. Additional topics include: combating wind, adding raindrops, removing distracting elements, and artful arrangements. You’ll also get notes to take home for practice and refreshing your memory.
$185 per person includes entry ticket plus booking fee
What you need to bring:
DSLR camera with charged battery (and a spare battery)
Dedicated or true macro lens is ideal (but not essential)
or a fixed/zoom lens in 70-130 mm range, with macro focusing capability
Optional gear (bring any you already have if you want to follow along as Esther demonstrates their use):
Quality tripod with solid head
Extension tube or tubes (if you have any)
Separate flash unit either wired or wireless
A second flash unit if you have one (optional)
Any flash modifier you have (such as a diffusing cone,
white umbrella, collapsible soft box, etc., all are optional)
Notebook, pen, hat, water, appropriate dress

Colours of Spring: Photography in Close-up

Colours of Spring: Photography in Close-up
10.30am – 12.00pm Daily
3.30pm – 5.00pm Daily

This 90-minute workshop is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts and will explore the world around us in ‘close-up’. Flowers may be the first thing you think of for close-up photography, but there are many other objects worthy of this photographic challenge, be it in your garden or beyond. You will learn how to capture flora and fauna, texture’s and colour and gain some professional tips on how to use the auto, aperture and shutter priority modes to capture beautiful images. We explain how using depth of field can add amazing visual effects to enhance the end result. Take home simple techniques you can use to take beautiful images in your garden.

$105 per person including entry ticket plus booking fee

What the workshop covers:
Understand auto mode
Camera controls – ISO, aperture and shutter priorities
Control depth of field
Create high key images
Tips on camera short cuts
Important factors in composition
How to use natural light and colour creatively
How to recognise a good picture and subject

What you will learn:
How to exercise your observation techniques
How to use perspective as expression
How to navigate your camera menu
How to produce a beautifully composed photograph

What to bring:
Your compact camera or DSLR & lenses, fully charged batteries, a flash (if you have one), notebook, pen, hat and water.

Garden Safari - Photo Composition Essentials

Garden Safari – Photo Composition Essentials
12.30pm – 2.00pm Daily

This 90 minute workshop is perfect for photographers at all levels.
Drawing on the excitement and energy the Garden Show has to offer, we learn how to understand the cameras capabilities and how to effectively use auto mode. We look at the elements of design that represent the building blocks of any photograph. How depth of field can influence your composition. The various ways to use light in your images and the effects we can create using different shutter speeds. Most importantly you will learn in easy steps how to use composition to create stunning photographs.

$105 per person including entry ticket plus booking fee

What we cover:
Composition: basic rules, create mood using lines, texture and curves and where to focus, what lines and shapes do
Depth of field and blurred backgrounds
Natural light and its properties
Framing – wide angle to close-up

What you will learn:
The essentials of composition
Understand linear perspective
Lines, curves and colour placement
How to get professional results with any camera
How to create mood and emotion in your pictures

What to bring:
Your compact camera or DSLR & lenses, fully charged batteries, a flash (if you have one), notebook, pen, hat and water.